Victory In Jesus Bible Faith Center is a non denominational Charismatic Evangelical Bible teaching Church located in the Town of Apple Valley, California. The Church was birthed by God in 1996 and have been proclaiming the Word Of Faith in God every since. We believe our mission is to make disciples of all people and help them to become more like Christ.

We are a Church that cares about people and want to help them become the overcomers that Jesus came to make them. When you come to our Church you will find a very warm atmosphere with the Spirit of the Lord moving to bring His people into the fullness of all that he has promised for them.

We believe that the Church must be a multi generational, (I Thes 2:1-5) and multi ethnic group of people (Rev 7:9) that live, pray & praise the Lord together. We are  a church comprised of people from all walks of life, all ages and all ethnicities, united to serve the One, true and living God